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Unofficial eXtended Machine Emulator

UXME: a build of the popular hardware emulator known as [MAME][mamedev].

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Even though this software is almost entirely based on other software, bugs or request for support should never be sumbitted to any other project. Submit issue to report a bug.

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[file]README.md24-May-16 22:06:19 CDT1K69
[file]faststart.dat31-Jan-16 17:24:05 CST1K57
[file]framecounter.lua08-Jan-16 17:25:36 CST47766
[link]uxme-0.171-4-windows.zip → windows/uxme-0.171-4.zip31-Dec-69 18:00:00 CST
[link]uxme64-0.170-23-macosx.dmg → macosx/uxme64-0.170-23.dmg31-Dec-69 18:00:00 CST
[link]uxme64-0.173-windows.zip → windows/uxme64-0.173.zip31-Dec-69 18:00:00 CST